Quantum Internet: The Future of Internetworking

Resumo. Quantum information, computation and communication, will have a great impact on our world. One important sub field will be quantum networking and the quantum Internet.The purpose of a quantum Internet is to enable applications that are fundamentally out of reach for the classical Internet. Quantum networks enable new capabilities to communication systems. This allows the parties to generate long distance quantum entanglement,which serves a number of tasks including the generation of multiparty shared secrets whose security relies only on the laws of physics, distributed quantum computing, improved sensing, quantum computing on encrypted data, and secure private-bid auctions.However, quantum signals are fragile, and, in general, cannot be copied or amplified. In order to enable widespread use and application development, it is essential to develop methods that allow quantum protocols to connect to the underlying hardware implementation transparently and to make fast and reactive decisions for generating entanglement in the network to mitigate limited qubit lifetimes. Architectures for large-scale quantum internetworking are in development, paralleling theoretical and experimental work on physical layers and low-level error management and connection technologies. This chapter aims to present the main concepts, challenges, and opportunities for research in quantum information, quantum computing and quantum networking.

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